Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tonight's Practice - 9.3.2008

Tonight's practice was a little frustrating. I was brainfarting left and right, forgetting all kinds of little details (ie posting your knee up against the opponent when they have side control as to make it more difficult for them to get full mount). As for techniques, we learned:
  • A sort of "last resort" to get half guard back from the bottom when your opponent has you in side control.
  • A side control escape regaining full guard using a 270 degree spin (fun stuff hehe)
  • A side control escape (when both the opponents arms are on your side nearest them) using a roll out
Rolling is when I got frustrated. I'm still learning to relax and be patient, but it's slow going. And all the little mistakes I was making...frustration just took over and I started making more mistakes and tiring myself out way more than I should have. And then I rolled with Mel, my instructor haha Once practice was over, I took a few breathes to settle myself down...and then a major headache hit.

I learned some stuff tonight. Techniques, minor details I'm still forgetting when rolling which end up getting me into a horrible position, and what it is that makes me "tick." It may not have been a "successful" as a practice as I wanted jiu-jitsu wise, but I'm learning more about myself...and that's a good thing.

Until next time... :-)


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Very good......

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