Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Free Roll - 8.27.2008

So this post is a little late. Some personal stuff came up last week and I had to put off posting until the weekend was over. But I learned something new last Wednesday - every last Wednesday of the month is a free roll! Work on whichever techniques you want, ask all kinds of questions, all night (ok, well not all night, but for the 1.5 hrs that practice is going). I rolled with a few different guys. Rhet was there, so I started rolling with him. I think each of us got a submission on each other - he got a choke and I an armbar. Then I rolled with a guy who comes in every once in awhile. He's an older guy whose background is wrestling, so most of my time was spent on my back in guard heh It was fun and challenging though. He's very good moving around while on top, was very difficult keeping him in my guard. He's a shorter guy though, so I was able to use my long limbs to my advantage. Then I rolled with a blue belt whose name escapes me. "Dave" comes to mind, but I can't be sure. He helped me a lot with pointing out small details as we rolled. Kimura and Americana, keeping my weight down on the guy when I get side control, and some other things that escape me at the moment (which I why I started this blog in the first place, to document as to not forget heh).

Overall it was a lot of fun and VERY tiring! Until next time... :-)

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