Thursday, September 25, 2008

BJJ Gi Class - 9.24.2008

Last Wednesday of the month - free roll! But there was only 3 of us (4 including Mel). John, one of the 3, is also planning on testing for his blue belt come Sunday when Rylan Lizares (Pedro Sauer black belt) is up here conducting a seminar, so we just worked on the technical aspects of various moves that he'd be tested on. There was quite a bit, and if I try and give my in detail descriptions as I usually do, I'll be here forever lol So I'm going to try and sum it up as quick as possible, and possibly come back and fill in gaps as I see them.

So we started with stuff from the feet...
  • "Comb the hair" block, T-up with opponent, hip toss
  • T-up opponent, wrap your right leg around their left leg, step forward with left foot, pull your right leg back sweeping their left, come down onto right knee high up in their left arm pit, pull on their right sleeve and slide left knee in getting high mount
Escape from mount
  • Hip heist (AKA oopa)
  • Double shrimp back into guard
  • Scissor sweep (if you're using your right leg across their stomach, and they sit out or post their right knee out far enough that you can't execute the sweet, post your left foot on their right knee and push it out as you pull on that right sleeve with your left hand. This will flatten their right side on the mat)
  • Flower sweep
  • Half butterfly / half guard sweep (can't scissor (right knee it tucked), butterfly hook your right foot, and sweep)
  • Spider guard sweep
Escape side control
Shrimp away from opponent, bring right knee between you and your opponent, hook their right leg with your left leg (keeps them from mounting), shrimp into your opponent (to create room to get right leg out), then close your guard

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